Posted on: June 2, 2010 3:20 pm

I take it back. Forgive me Doc.

Gastrapod being the bigger man, he takes it back.  Back prior to 2007s NBA title run, I was very critical to Doc Rivers.  Even after the title, I gave credit to the team, and not the coach.  I even posted a thread which went something to the tune of Celtics win in spite of Doc.  I admit I was wrong.  This season, and to a lesser degree, last year's injury plagued nightmare, have proven Doc to be the coach he is.  A great one. 

Early on, I hammered Doc on personal decisions, timeout usage and late game play calling.  Game 4 Magic series aside, Doc has proven himself to not be the disaster in these regards I labeled him as.  Game 4 was a total mess, from the not calling a timeout, the 19 turnovers, and the 3 minute no scoring overtime start.  But that was an anomoly, Doc cannot pass, shot the ball for his players or keep Garnett from dropping the ball as time expires.

The Cleveland Cavs series showed what a solid game plan can do, even to King James.  And it was oh so satisfying watching the King go down.  Thanks Doc, for rendering LeBron James useless.  The absolute dominance of the Magic and elimination of Dwight Howard from the games was again brilliant.  Thanks again.

So now we have Kobe, who will be a greater issue to deal with.  James may be the most talented player in the game today, but day in and day out, Kobe Bryant is the best, period.  this will be the big test.  Both teams are banged up, so the injury factor is not really applied here.  Two great coaches, two good teams.

So for the first time, I have faith in Doc.  See if it lasts, LOL.
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Posted on: November 30, 2009 1:34 pm

Brady V.S. Manning

Probably the most over played debate of all time, yet people get in near death battles over it.  Truth is, they are nearly identical in regards to what you get.  Almost frighteningly so.  Since 2001 (minus 2008 when Brady was out)

Player                                 Comp       Passing Yards      %             TDs         INT         Rating
Tom Brady                    2562          29,413         63.4         217       92         93.6

Peyton Manning             2752          33,032         66.5         245      106        111.7

So as the nubers go, Peyton gets the nod, minus INTs, 

Notable facts, these stats start after Peyton had been at the helm for 3 full seasons, and Brady's first.  Obviously there is a maturation process, and is indicated in Brady's later numbers, versus his prios.  Second was tha absence of a big game reciever prior to Moss.  No offense to Troy Brown and Dion Branch, but they just are not Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison.

On Manning's behalf, he does throw the ball a bit more, and that is reflected in his higher INTs.  More attempts will equate to more picks.  Also, for a number of years, he had the misfortune in lacking a competative defense.  Always a QB's best friend.

Final conclusion, how can one say one or the other?  Manning is a more natural in the pocket passer, and Brady is a better over all awareness QB in reards to denenses and shifts.  But those tho aspects are impossible to quantify.  Fact is, there are some 28 or so teams, that would love a Brady or Manning.
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Posted on: November 10, 2009 1:13 pm

Red Sox as 2009 ends

So 2009 was a disappointment.  What's new for 2010 (or Old)?

We start with the old (players).  Red Sox are bringing back Tim Wakefield for 2 years, $5 million.  Still servicable, but not a solid option.  #5 rotation at best.  At this rate, he may pitch till he can collect social security.

Declined, the option for Jason Varitek.  No surprise here, as he has become a liability.  After a good start, his hitting woes didn't just fall back to 2008 levels, they dropped below as the season dragged on.  The team did however, express interest in signing him to be Victor Martinez's back-up.  Ouch!  Can he still wear the C on his Jersey in that role?

Declined, the option on Alex Gonzalez.  This one troubles me, as iot was only $6 million.  The teams intent is to sign him, but for less money.  His bat is weak, but he offers solid defense, which the team has proven they need out of that position. 

Still a potential issue is Left Field.  With Jason Bay on the free agent market, there are no gurantees.  The Sox will make a strong bid to keep him, but will it be strong enough?

The New.

The team needs hitting, and another solid starter.  Jos Beckett, John Lester, Clay Buchholz are the clear 1,2,3, with what looks like Daiske Matuzaka and Tim Wakefield as the 4, and 5.  Some how I am just not thrilled.

So what's available?  Hank Blaylock (29 years young) jumps out as a 1B/DH hitter.  Would remove Mike Lowell from every day play, but he is barely that now.

If Bay can not be retained, the Sox have to get Matt Holliday.  There is no other answer, other than a one year bandaid approach for 2010.  Someone like Jermaine Dye.

Then pitching, what's there?  John Lackey (?)  Randy Wolf (?)  Erik Bedard (?).  Who out there confidently replaces the Diceman?  Not sure the Sox make a big move here.

Long way to go, but unless the Sox want to sign a bunch of free agent senior citizens, there are very few top tier options.
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Posted on: June 4, 2009 9:49 am
Edited on: June 4, 2009 9:51 am

The Beckett bashing?

Not sure if it is just Red Sox haters, or Beckett haters, but either way, give me a break.  After a rough April, he has settled down and pitched extremely well.  Since the start of May, he has given up 9 earned runs over 41.2 innings, that is an era of 1.97  Hardly worthy of panic.  Or put another way: 

Josh Beckett thus far:   Wins 6, Losses 2, ERA 4.09, strike outs: 68, Innings pitched 70.1

CC Sabathia thus far:   Wins 5. Losses 3, ERA 3.46  strike outs: 56, Innings pitched 78
 So where is the panic. 

Seems the Sox ace is on pace to match or beat the Yankees ace.  And for 4 million dollars less.  Yet we keep hearing the comments and seeing the threads started, Beckett is done, has no fastball, giving up too many hits.  The guy has been, is and will continue to be an ace.  If he was a free agent tomorrow, the Yankees would be offering him the world to come play in the Bronx. 

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Posted on: April 22, 2009 6:30 pm

The end of Papi? or just Rust?

O.K., this is a painful post for me, but here goes.  Not liking the sinking stats for David Ortiz this season.  I know, I know. its only April and he will heat up in the warm months.  But what if he does not?  Seriously.  Last season's .264/23/89 numbers were disappointing, but the ALCS .154/1/4 with 9 strike outs was terrifying.  So now here we are in April of 09, .196/0/6 with 15 strikeouts.  As of today, only 14 total bases, that is less than his K's.  Worse, only 3 extra base hits.  Trend?  I know, I know, no reason to panic right? 

So here is my case, ready Sox fans.  The Wrist.  What injury basically ended Nomar's career.  Well, the part of his career worth mentioning that is.   For a power hitter, this is as bad of an injury as one can sustain.  They claim it is "repaired", but do we really know?  Watching him at the plate one has to question it.  Slow swings, inability to drive the ball.  Something is not right.   Again, all in my head right?

His age.  Could it be that Big Papi is just a tad older than he claims?  We have seen it before with Dominican players and fudged ages.  Is David maybe just a little closer to 40 the we think?  His physical battles seem to indicate that maybe there may just be some merit to this claim.  34 years old and does not play the field is hardly strenuous on the body.  38-40, a bit more so.  Impossible, of course?

In summation I am sure summer will come and these fears will be proven false.  That they are just the April kinks getting worked out, much like Sabbathia and his slow start.  But as a Red Sox fan, I am not liking what I am seeing from the 3 hole.  Not hitting the panic button, but am concerned that maybe things will be a bit tougher than forecasted.  I am sure Sox fans will hammer me for this, LOL.



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Posted on: April 7, 2009 2:40 pm

Back to GM, and the Fed's attempt to sink them.


Back about a week ago, with the terms of the latest GM bailout revealed, was a small but significant term mentioned, but not greatly covered.  The federal government was, as part of the new auto bailout terms, forcing GM to drop it's corporate sponsorships for sporting events.  This means auto racing, FLW fishing tournaments, the works.  Many praised this policy as a good move.  GM should not be giving away money when they are in financial hardship.  But is this not the most significant media for positive GM advertisement available to them?  Let's have a look. Who predominately follows FLW tour events?  Middle class, suburban/rural working males.  Middle Americans, who proudly wave the Stars and Stripes, have buy American bumper stickers.  Drive pick-ups and SUV, support our troops, tow boats, have families.  In short, the prime level of consumers that GM needs to connect with.  This same crowd dynamic composes the fan base of racing events.  What happens when GM pulls out of these events.  One only needs to look to B.A.S.S. and when Chevy pulled out.  Toyota jumped right in.  Look at the B.A.S.S. tour now, Tundra's and Sequoias as far as the eye can see.  Go to sporting shows, there is the Toyota booth, official sponsor of the B.A.S.S. Master Classic.  Significance, over the past several season, local fisherman competing in local events have bought more Toyotas than GMs.  Just go to a boat ramp at a major lake and see what vehicles are present. Should GM pull out of these existing sponsorships, the same trend will happen.  Middle class Americans are loyal consumers, and they will support the company that supports their interests.  It was money well spent for Toyota, and for GM to give up another platform, could be catastrophic.  Just a few months back, Forrest L. Wood, founder of Ranger Boats and the FLW tour sent out a personal email to all FLW  members urging them to support GM  citing their loyalty to bass fishing and the American way of life.  Does GM really want to and can they afford to alienate this loyal consumer base?   Learn from past mistakes GM and the Federal Government.  Don't turn away middle America, they are a consumer base you cannot survive without.  And one that Toyota will be all to happy to suck up to.
Posted on: March 26, 2009 11:04 am

Trot Nixon released.

the title says it all, Trot Nixon  released.  A player for whom it once looked like the sky was the limit, now can't even make it as a reserve.  After 8 full seasons with the Boston Red Sox, where he achieved solid numbers, he now seems unable to even put the ball in lay. 

After signing a big contract with the Sox, Nixon was plagued by a mysterious back injury (injured while on the plane flying to spring training?), and has been on a systematic decline ever since, seeing his batting average fall 10-15 points per season.  Worse, his once 30 homer, 10 steal potential is all but evaporated.  In 2007 while playing for the Indians, Nixon could only amass 3 homers and 0 steals in 307 at bats.  So low was manager Eric Wedge's confidence in him, he sat him on the bench during the ALCS against his former club.   He was on the Mets roster in 2008, but that is about all you can say about 2008.

Summation, Nixon was once a fan favorite for Boston, always seeming to come up with big plays against the Yankees.  Those days however are long gone.  Judging by his spring training performance with the Brewers before he was released, 4 for 38, it seems his only course left is retirement.  His 12 season totals stand at .274, 137 homers, 555 RBI, but the past few seasons have been almost embarrassing.  Time to hang up the cleats and give golf a try Trot. 

Posted on: March 17, 2009 9:37 am

AIG, Obama, and Plot to Take Change America?

AIG, where do I begin.  I had a lot to say about AIG and the bonuses originally.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is no way possible, that these bonuses were a surprise to Washington.  It is simply beyond comprehension that Obama, Geithner, no one, looked into AIG's contracts before issuing  billions more tax payer dollars.  This was a calculated ploy to serve the purpose of a larger agenda.

The latest bailout is issued, with Washington now consuming about 80% of AIG stock.  I would say the tax payer, but we all know you and I have no stock in AIG, so we say Washington.  This comes at roughly the end of the first quarter, a time when bonuses are paid out.  The money comes in and AIG moves to pay out it's $160,000,000 in contractually bound bonuses.  All of a sudden the wheels come to a screeching halt.  There is Obama, Geithner, Como and dozens of others screaming about the outrage of this. 

Whose surprised by this?  I am not.  AIG, a failed company is continuing it's failed practices.  But in doing so, breaking no terms of the bailout issued to them.  GM execs and the UAW had to restructure their contracts to receive bailout money.  Why was AIG different?  Because AIG is the worlds largest insurer.  Now the plot thickens.  Why could a democrat administration possibly be interested in AIG.  As mentioned, 80% is now under Washington control, and they want the other 20%.  Total seizure for AIG stock to run the company as they see fit.  And how would a Democrat led Washington run AIG?  The beginning of a social juggernaut that liberals have been preaching for for 30 years, and now have to opportunity to unleash. 

The seeds of universal healthcare have already been planted.  AIG will serve as anchor to launch a far more compressive program.  And universal healthcare is only the beginning.  With the federal government seizing more and more power than ever before, we are now facing a massive redefinition of America.  With the new tax credit structure, we are looking at expanding the percent of the population that pays $0 in net income tax from 38% to 50%.  For the first time in U.S. History, we are going to be looking at a voting majority that does not have any financially vested interest in the running, maintenance or execution of the Federal Government.  I wonder what way that growing majority will vote?  Worse yet, the American people seem perfectly happy to surrender their freedoms and entrust all in the shrine of Obama.  The real legacy of Bush's failed presidency.  Wake up America, the rug is being pulled from under our feet, and once gone, it will never, ever be put back.


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