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Posted on: November 10, 2009 1:13 pm

Red Sox as 2009 ends

So 2009 was a disappointment.  What's new for 2010 (or Old)?

We start with the old (players).  Red Sox are bringing back Tim Wakefield for 2 years, $5 million.  Still servicable, but not a solid option.  #5 rotation at best.  At this rate, he may pitch till he can collect social security.

Declined, the option for Jason Varitek.  No surprise here, as he has become a liability.  After a good start, his hitting woes didn't just fall back to 2008 levels, they dropped below as the season dragged on.  The team did however, express interest in signing him to be Victor Martinez's back-up.  Ouch!  Can he still wear the C on his Jersey in that role?

Declined, the option on Alex Gonzalez.  This one troubles me, as iot was only $6 million.  The teams intent is to sign him, but for less money.  His bat is weak, but he offers solid defense, which the team has proven they need out of that position. 

Still a potential issue is Left Field.  With Jason Bay on the free agent market, there are no gurantees.  The Sox will make a strong bid to keep him, but will it be strong enough?

The New.

The team needs hitting, and another solid starter.  Jos Beckett, John Lester, Clay Buchholz are the clear 1,2,3, with what looks like Daiske Matuzaka and Tim Wakefield as the 4, and 5.  Some how I am just not thrilled.

So what's available?  Hank Blaylock (29 years young) jumps out as a 1B/DH hitter.  Would remove Mike Lowell from every day play, but he is barely that now.

If Bay can not be retained, the Sox have to get Matt Holliday.  There is no other answer, other than a one year bandaid approach for 2010.  Someone like Jermaine Dye.

Then pitching, what's there?  John Lackey (?)  Randy Wolf (?)  Erik Bedard (?).  Who out there confidently replaces the Diceman?  Not sure the Sox make a big move here.

Long way to go, but unless the Sox want to sign a bunch of free agent senior citizens, there are very few top tier options.
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Posted on: June 4, 2009 9:49 am
Edited on: June 4, 2009 9:51 am

The Beckett bashing?

Not sure if it is just Red Sox haters, or Beckett haters, but either way, give me a break.  After a rough April, he has settled down and pitched extremely well.  Since the start of May, he has given up 9 earned runs over 41.2 innings, that is an era of 1.97  Hardly worthy of panic.  Or put another way: 

Josh Beckett thus far:   Wins 6, Losses 2, ERA 4.09, strike outs: 68, Innings pitched 70.1

CC Sabathia thus far:   Wins 5. Losses 3, ERA 3.46  strike outs: 56, Innings pitched 78
 So where is the panic. 

Seems the Sox ace is on pace to match or beat the Yankees ace.  And for 4 million dollars less.  Yet we keep hearing the comments and seeing the threads started, Beckett is done, has no fastball, giving up too many hits.  The guy has been, is and will continue to be an ace.  If he was a free agent tomorrow, the Yankees would be offering him the world to come play in the Bronx. 

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Posted on: August 19, 2008 4:24 pm

Sox, Rays, Yanks and the A.L. East

So here it is.  September is creeping up and the Rays are holding strong.  I am still having a tough time with the reality of them maybe winning the division.  Since their inception, they have bean putrid, but here we are, 4 1/2 up and with the 2nd best winning percentage in the majors (only a single game in the loss column for the best).  I just can't seem to get used to checking how they did each day.  Or is the bigger story the Yankees on the verge of falling into fourth?  At the close of last season, this seemed unlikely, but again here we are.

So what do people think?  Do the Rays hold on?  Will the Sox catch them and the Yanks pull one of their amazing rebound Septembers and snatch the wild card.  It would be sad for Tampa fans if after leading the whole way, they tanked in September (will they make a last minute big signing?).  But September is when things happen.  Just look at the Mets and Rockies last season.  I don't know what to think, I just know it will feel weird if there is no potential for a Sox-Yanks meeting in the playoffs.  But maybe it's time for a Rays-Cubs...........

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