Posted on: December 16, 2008 2:52 pm

Celtics and 70 wins?

A while back a poll was started asking the question can the Celtics win 70 games this year.  At the time I was amazed at the negative response to their ability to pull this off.  It seemed the world outside of Boston was not willing to give the returning NBA Champions any credit, let alone believe that they could improve.  Instead, it was a barrage of they are getting old, the team chemistry will erode, Doc Rivers got lucky.  The remarks as a whole were very surprising, far beyond the usual team bashing that goes with any thread posted here.

So here we are 23-2, a winning percentage of 92%.  That's on pace to win 75 games.  Best start in franchise history, and there have been some great teams here.  The big three are performing at the same level as last year, and players like Rondo, Tony Allen, Perkins all seem to be expanding their role.  In short, the total game of the Celtics is better than it was a year ago.  So what do people say now?  70 wins?  A whole lot can still happen as the season carries on, but what many on this board considered not likely, is seeming more and more like a reasonable outcome. 

As a side note, rumors are flying about a possible addition of Stephon Marbury.  A successful assimilation of him into their system, just could be the tipping point.

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Posted on: November 6, 2008 10:38 am

How McCain failed the Republican Party

Congratulations President elect Obama.  I will never support you, but you won in an electoral landslide, and that is an accomplishment in it's self.  The real Loser here is John McCain (both literally and metaphorically).  Watching his campaign was like watching a disturbing video of a crime being committed.  This Blog would have to be 10,000 words in include all the tactical blunders along the way, but worse, there seemed to be no strategy for winning.  A few of the gaffs along the way however included his public address of how the economy is sound, the day before it was revealed to the world it wasn't.  But this from I presidential candidate who said while on the trail the economy is not his strong point.  Some advice, never publicly admit a weakness when running for president.  The people don't want to relate, they want to believe in their candidates ability to lead.  Lets also not forget his run back to Washington for the bail out debates.  The day any conservative puts his name behind a $840,000,000,000 government handout, we can not even pretend he is still a conservative.  And enough with Joe the Plummer.  It made a good impact at first, but when you over play these issues, they lose their effectiveness.

The real blunder and failure was Sarah Palin.  Although not the blundering idiot portrayed to us by the media, she was completely unqualified for the office of Vice President and not up to speed on both domestic and foreign policy issues.  She accomplished the goal, capitalize on the Hilary independents, and gain more votes.  But McCain failed to grasp the obvious, the popular vote is meaningless.  Obama only captured 52% of the popular vote, but cleaned house on the electoral map.  Sarah Palin did not deliver one single state to the McCain Campaign. 

McCain should have been a better scholar of History, following the path that other presidents lead in tough elections.  Lincoln chose a bipartisan ticket in choosing Andrew Johnson (Democrat) as his running mate.  Kennedy chose LBJ, despite the fact that the two loathed each other.  Reagan chose Bush 41 when it appeared he did not have the republican base locked.  Bush 43 chose Cheney to give his ticket experience and credibility.  And Obama chose Biden, despite the harshly negative comments Biden lashed out towards Obama during the Primary.  McCain should have chose Mitt Romney.  His experience, credibility, and business knowledge would have brought tremendous gain to the ticket.  Plus Romney was strong with independents in key battle ground states.

In the up and coming months, McCain will try and reposition himself as the "Maverick" senator, and we will see much of the blame thrown on Palin.  But truth be told, McCain chose his VP.  McCain put together his campaign staff.  And McCain is the one to bare the tag of loser.  When a republican candidate for President loses the vote of a die hard conservative like mine, does he really expect to win undecided votes?

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