Posted on: June 2, 2010 3:20 pm

I take it back. Forgive me Doc.

Gastrapod being the bigger man, he takes it back.  Back prior to 2007s NBA title run, I was very critical to Doc Rivers.  Even after the title, I gave credit to the team, and not the coach.  I even posted a thread which went something to the tune of Celtics win in spite of Doc.  I admit I was wrong.  This season, and to a lesser degree, last year's injury plagued nightmare, have proven Doc to be the coach he is.  A great one. 

Early on, I hammered Doc on personal decisions, timeout usage and late game play calling.  Game 4 Magic series aside, Doc has proven himself to not be the disaster in these regards I labeled him as.  Game 4 was a total mess, from the not calling a timeout, the 19 turnovers, and the 3 minute no scoring overtime start.  But that was an anomoly, Doc cannot pass, shot the ball for his players or keep Garnett from dropping the ball as time expires.

The Cleveland Cavs series showed what a solid game plan can do, even to King James.  And it was oh so satisfying watching the King go down.  Thanks Doc, for rendering LeBron James useless.  The absolute dominance of the Magic and elimination of Dwight Howard from the games was again brilliant.  Thanks again.

So now we have Kobe, who will be a greater issue to deal with.  James may be the most talented player in the game today, but day in and day out, Kobe Bryant is the best, period.  this will be the big test.  Both teams are banged up, so the injury factor is not really applied here.  Two great coaches, two good teams.

So for the first time, I have faith in Doc.  See if it lasts, LOL.
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Posted on: December 16, 2008 2:52 pm

Celtics and 70 wins?

A while back a poll was started asking the question can the Celtics win 70 games this year.  At the time I was amazed at the negative response to their ability to pull this off.  It seemed the world outside of Boston was not willing to give the returning NBA Champions any credit, let alone believe that they could improve.  Instead, it was a barrage of they are getting old, the team chemistry will erode, Doc Rivers got lucky.  The remarks as a whole were very surprising, far beyond the usual team bashing that goes with any thread posted here.

So here we are 23-2, a winning percentage of 92%.  That's on pace to win 75 games.  Best start in franchise history, and there have been some great teams here.  The big three are performing at the same level as last year, and players like Rondo, Tony Allen, Perkins all seem to be expanding their role.  In short, the total game of the Celtics is better than it was a year ago.  So what do people say now?  70 wins?  A whole lot can still happen as the season carries on, but what many on this board considered not likely, is seeming more and more like a reasonable outcome. 

As a side note, rumors are flying about a possible addition of Stephon Marbury.  A successful assimilation of him into their system, just could be the tipping point.

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