Posted on: September 15, 2008 8:53 am

Farve who?

So it was all about Farve.  Now the Jets have him.  How they were finally going to beat the Pats.  This was their year.  What we have seen thus far is hardly the case.  Instead, it has been more of the Farve that tossed up the lemon ball in the NFC championship game last year in overtime.  A future Hall of Famer no doubt, but at 38 (soon to be 39), coming into a new team, learning a new offense, and trying to knock off the most successful team of the past decade, his job might be more than he is capable of.  He barely squeaked out a win against the putrid Dolphins, and scored a meager 10 points against the Pats.  I originally thought the Jets could pull off 10-6, now I am thinking more like 8-8.  Buffalo is looking like the team for the Pats to look out for.
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