Posted on: April 22, 2009 6:30 pm

The end of Papi? or just Rust?

O.K., this is a painful post for me, but here goes.  Not liking the sinking stats for David Ortiz this season.  I know, I know. its only April and he will heat up in the warm months.  But what if he does not?  Seriously.  Last season's .264/23/89 numbers were disappointing, but the ALCS .154/1/4 with 9 strike outs was terrifying.  So now here we are in April of 09, .196/0/6 with 15 strikeouts.  As of today, only 14 total bases, that is less than his K's.  Worse, only 3 extra base hits.  Trend?  I know, I know, no reason to panic right? 

So here is my case, ready Sox fans.  The Wrist.  What injury basically ended Nomar's career.  Well, the part of his career worth mentioning that is.   For a power hitter, this is as bad of an injury as one can sustain.  They claim it is "repaired", but do we really know?  Watching him at the plate one has to question it.  Slow swings, inability to drive the ball.  Something is not right.   Again, all in my head right?

His age.  Could it be that Big Papi is just a tad older than he claims?  We have seen it before with Dominican players and fudged ages.  Is David maybe just a little closer to 40 the we think?  His physical battles seem to indicate that maybe there may just be some merit to this claim.  34 years old and does not play the field is hardly strenuous on the body.  38-40, a bit more so.  Impossible, of course?

In summation I am sure summer will come and these fears will be proven false.  That they are just the April kinks getting worked out, much like Sabbathia and his slow start.  But as a Red Sox fan, I am not liking what I am seeing from the 3 hole.  Not hitting the panic button, but am concerned that maybe things will be a bit tougher than forecasted.  I am sure Sox fans will hammer me for this, LOL.



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