Posted on: December 1, 2008 2:10 pm

Recession!!!, Does any one get it?

This past week I made a trip out to some stores.  I was at Patriots place, along side Gillette Stadium to make some very modest purchases.  And while I was there, strolling through the mall, Bass Pro Shops, the restaurants I could not help but notice the people.  Lots of bags, boxes, packages.  Waits to get a table in some of the restaurants.  Some big money purchases at BPS.  And while this is all good for the economy and Christmas spirit it just kept popping up in my mind.  Morons, we are in a recession.  Foreclosures, unemployment, lost investment revenue.  Yet none of it seems to sink in.  People are going about their business, charging up a storm.  I won't even get into my chaotic experience at Tors'R'us.  Yikes.  Are people completely numb to the warning signs around them?   The whole experience left me somewhat perplexed.  Are things not as bad as we keep hearing?  Or, more likely, are people spending had over fist money they don't have.  Now I know the expected numbers for holiday spending are low, but being out this past week, it sure didn't seem it.  I hope the best for all this Holiday season.  May it truly be a Merry Christmas for all.  But the overall experience left me a tad bit concerned about the American way of life, and where it may be headed.
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